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Present Simple vs Past Simple

In this exercises I would like you to pay attention to the verbs and their endings. See the difference between present simple and past simple. Think and consider the ending -s, the ending -ed and the irregular verbs.

If you want to revise the rules see the links below:


Do this easy exercise  and practise the structure.


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Present Simple vs Past Simple

Change the sentences into past simple.

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Simon is into sport.

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Tim eats breakfast at 7 o'clock.

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Mrs Tes teaches Maths.

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They buy food in that supermarket.

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She wants me to make some tea.

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Little Ben hides his toys.

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Alice can speak foreign languages.

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Mum gives us money.

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Tina chooses fresh veggies.

10 / 10

We enjoy our stay in Spain.

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