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English Grammar and Exercises

Learn and Practise your English with Sabina

About me

Hi, I’m Sabina and I hope you find my site useful.
I’m Polish and I have a Master’s degree in English and Translation. I’ve been teaching English for nearly twenty years.
I’ve worked with different kinds of students, primary school children, high school students, adults, business people and also retired ones. What I like most is help in preparation for certificates and school final exams.
I try to create my own materials, especially grammar and vocabulary exercises, so that they are suitable for personal needs. That’s why the idea for this site was born. I hope that everyone who visits this place will find something interesting and helpful.

The materials are divided into five different levels, from the Beginners to the Advanced one. Each level includes such parts as grammar, reading and vocabulary. Below each post you can find a few exercises thanks to which you can check your knowledge on the given topic. If you don’t know how advanced your English is, you can check your English level by doing the placement test.

I invite you to learn and practise your English with me! Working with this site will improve your grammar skills, enhance your reading comprehension and will also enrich your vocabulary.


Improve your English by Exercising




What to Expect

  • Clear explanations.
  • Theory based on examples.
  • Wide range of vocabulary and idioms.
  • Worksheets PDF.
  • Variety of quizzes to practise your knowledge and skills.
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