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Past Simple Reading Comprehension

This text is based on the Past Simple Tense. Reading the text pay attention to the regular and irregular verbs, see how the full sentences look like in the past tense.

A Scary Day

Yesterday I didn’t go to school because I was a bit ill. I stayed at home. At the beginning my day was quite boring. I slept pretty long, I ate breakfast, I didn’t take a shower and I came back to bed. I started reading some book but it was very boring. I wanted to play some computer games but I was too weak. I had a terrible headache. I turned on the TV and started watching some film, it was quite interesting. After a while I felt very sleepy.

Suddenly, somebody threw a rock at my window. I got up quickly but I couldn’t see anybody. Then, somebody started knocking at my door. I ran quickly to the hall, opened the door but there was nobody. That was really strange and I got scared. I came back to my room and I wanted to fall asleep but then I saw a terrifying, huge creature. It was an old man, he had a long, black coat, his mouth was very red and his teeth were long and sharp. It was a vampire! I started to run away and scream but there was no one at home, nobody could hear me. The vampire was faster than me and finally he caught me. I was sure he wanted my blood! I was screaming and asking for help.

Then, somebody started shaking me and I opened my eyes. It was my Mum. It turned out that it was just a bad dream. I had a fever and that’s why I had the nightmare. Luckily, vampires exist only in movies.

Do this past simple exercise and check your reading comprehension. If you need more past simple practice, check my other posts.

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Past Simple

Read the text and answer the questions.

1 / 12

Category: Beginner

An old man was scary.

2 / 12

Category: Beginner

No one could help the boy.

3 / 12

Category: Beginner

What did he see in his room?

4 / 12

Category: Beginner

Who was an old man?

(answer with one word)

5 / 12

Category: Beginner

What did he do after turning on the TV?

6 / 12

Category: Beginner

The boy had the nightmare becuase he had a ....

(answer with one word)

7 / 12

Category: Beginner

Who did he see at the window?

8 / 12

Category: Beginner

The vampire didn't catch the boy.

9 / 12

Category: Beginner

Why did he open the door?

10 / 12

Category: Beginner

Why didn't he go to school?

11 / 12

Category: Beginner

Who woke the boy?

(answer with one word)

12 / 12

Category: Beginner

Why didn't he play computer games?

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