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Past Simple Regular and Irregular Verbs 2

Did you go well in the previous exercise? Can you already differentiate the regular and irregular past verbs?

Let’s try such a task once more and find out if you are a master of the past regular and irregular verbs!

Read the sentences and decide which past form should be used. Be careful about the rules of adding the -ed ending!


If you have any doubts, go back to the previous posts and practise more.

Let’s get started!


You've got only 3 minutes to finish the test. Hurry up!

Try again, don't give up! Next time will be better!

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Past Simple Regular and Irregular Verbs 2

Write the verbs in brackets in the correct past forms. Decide which verbs are regular and which ones are irregular.

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Mr. Miller __________ (teach) us French when we were kids.

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Jacob __________ (draw) a nice picture for me.

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This hoodie __________ (cost) £20.

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Bob__________ (find) some old photos in the attick.

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Three planes __________ (fly) over our house yesterday.

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The police __________ (stop) our car.

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Paul __________ (travel) a lot last summer.

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Our cousin __________ (stay) with us for a few days.

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John __________ (try) to remember a few words.

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They __________ (talk) to the policewomen for a few minutes.

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