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To be, Can, Have got

December 12, 2022
To be, can, have got

To Be, Can, Have got

This simple, short text focuses on basic modal verbs.

If you know simple verbs like to be, can, have got and a few easy words, you can already communicate in English!

Read the text and check how much you can already understand. Then do the quiz and answers the questions.

Try to say similar information about yourself using to be, can, have got.

My name is Jacob and I am 28 years old. This is my girlfriend, Iza. Iza is 25 years old and she is always right. We aren’t married.

I am a seller and she is a policewoman and a writer. Her books are about the European Union and politics. I am interested in comfortable cars and modern flats.

Iza is a beautiful girl. She is tall and strong. Iza is never sad, she is always happy. My girlfriend hasn’t got any sisters or brothers. Iza has got a dog, her dog is old, small and ugly. It isn’t healthy. She can drive a car but she hasn’t got any car because she hasn’t got much money. I’ve got a lot of money and I ‘ve got a beautiful car. This car is very big and comfortable. It isn’t old. It is modern and very expensive. I am very happy with it.

I’ve got a company and I’ve got workers. They are hard-working and reliable, they aren’t mean. I can trust them. Their job isn’t difficult and dangerous. They have got two breaks and they can text at work.

I am a generous boss and I can appreciate my people. I haven’t got any problems with my workers or my job.


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To be, Can, Have got

Read the text and answer the questions. Use the short answers.

1 / 23

Are they married?

2 / 23

Is their job difficult?

3 / 23

Is Jacob's car cheap?

4 / 23

Is her dog young and healthy?

5 / 23

Is Jacob's car comfortable?

6 / 23

Can his workers text at work?

7 / 23

Is Jacob a good boss?

8 / 23

Have his workers got breaks at work?

9 / 23

Can  Iza afford a car?

10 / 23

Are his workers mean?

11 / 23

Has Iza got a car?

12 / 23

Is Jacob thirty-eight years old?

13 / 23

Has Iza got a cat?

14 / 23

Has Iza got a brother?

15 / 23

Is Jacob interested in cars?

16 / 23

Is Jacob happy with his car?

17 / 23

Can Iza drive a car?

18 / 23

Is Jacob a policeman?

19 / 23

Is Iza always right?

20 / 23

Can Iza write books?

21 / 23

Is Iza twenty-five years old?

22 / 23

Are Iza's books about history?

23 / 23

Is Iza always sad?

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