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Present Simple, -s ending

October 22, 2022
Present Simple, -s

You know the usage of the Present Simple Tense.

Let’s focus on the next step, the -s ending.

You should remember that each tense has some ending which we add to verbs. The Present Simple tense takes the -s ending.

BUT only the third person singular (he, she, it) takes  the -s ending.

Do this exercise and check if you understand this rule.


You've got 5 minutes to finish the test. Hurry up!

You've got 5 minutes to finish the test. Hurry up!

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Present Simple, -s ending

Write the verb in the brackets with the -s ending where necessary.

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The bus __________ (leave) in half and hour.

2 / 10

Their cat __________ (enjoy) playing with its toys.

3 / 10

Birds __________ (eat) seeds and insects.

4 / 10

Our neighbour __________ (wake) up very early.

5 / 10

Fiona __________ (meet) her friends once a week.

6 / 10

Rob and Sue __________ (hate) working in their garden.

7 / 10

Her children __________ (do) many sports.

8 / 10

Mike __________ (travel) around the world.

9 / 10

They __________ (cook) every day.

10 / 10

His teacher __________ (give) them a lot of homework.

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