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Past Simple Wh- questions

Wh- questions quite often make some troubles to students. When they see such words as why, when, how, etc., they often forget about auxilary verbs and they are essential in order to make questions.

Wh- quesion words are just words and they don’t make quesions themselves, they are like something additional to questions.

See how such a question should look like:

Wh- question + did (or do/does or is/are …) + subject (a person or a thing)


Maria invited Tom to her party. (a positive sentence)

Did Maria invite Tom to her party? (a common question)

Why did Maria invite Tom to her paty? (a wh-question)


Josh was angry.

Was Josh angry?

Why was Josh angry?


BUT!!! There is one exception and we call it a subject question. We use it when we don’t know the person or the thing that performs the action. If we don’t know the subject we can’t use an auxilary verb (do or did).


Who called you? (we don’t know the subject)

What happened yesterday?

How many people came to your party?


I think you are ready now to do the quizz. Read carefully the examples and make correct wh- questions!



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Past Simple Wh- questions

From the given words build the correct sentences in the Past Simple tense.

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How much/it/cost?

2 / 10

How much/you/pay?

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Which colour/Amanda/choose?

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8 / 10

What time/they/come?

9 / 10

How many friends/you/invite?

10 / 10

Why/she/shout at/you?

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