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Past Simple Negative and Questions

From my previous posts you know how to make positive sentences in the Past Simple tense.

You can check it here:


In this post I want to show you how to make negative and question sentences in Past Simple.

If you know the rules how to make negative and question sentences in Present Simple, the sentences in the past won’t be any problem for you.

You can find them here:


The rules are very similar, you just must use a different auxilary verb. Instead of DO you must use DID.

When you want to make a negative sentence add DID NOT (didn’t) before the verb.

And when you want to make a question sentence add DID at the beginning of the sentence.

Remember!!! If you use DID or DIDN’T, the past form of verbs changes into infinitive.

See the examples:


Rick watched a movie.

Rick didn’t watch a movie.

Did Rick watch a movie?


Bob bought a new TV.

Bob didn’t buy a new TV.

Did Rick Buy a new TV?


As you can see the rules are not so complicated. Let’s move to some practice!

Follow th rules once again and do the online quizz.


You've got 10 minutes to finish the quizz.

Don't give up! Next time will be better. Try again!

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Past Simple Negative and Questions

Change the sentences according to the instructions.

Use the short form - didn't.

1 / 10

The Browns skied a lot last winter. (?)

2 / 10

They read my article. (?)

3 / 10

Her dad hugged her before she left.  (?)

4 / 10

She sent the message two days ago. (?)

5 / 10

My guests came late to my party. (-)

6 / 10

Bob wanted to dive in Egipt. (-)

7 / 10

They tried very hard to win. (-)

8 / 10

Mark forgot to take his keys. (-)

9 / 10

The police stopped me to check my driving licence. (-)

10 / 10

I knew I was right. (-)

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