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Was and Were Negative and Questions

If you remember how to make negative and questions with the verb ‘to be’, you shouldn’t have any problems with was and were.

The rules are the same.

These are also the strong verbs and they can make negative and questions themselves.

If you want to make a negative sentence, you must add the word not.

She was terrified. – She was not terrified. (She wasn’t terrified.)

They were on holidays. – They were not on holidays. (They weren’t on holidays.)

If you want to make a question sentence, you must put was or were at the beginning of the sentence.

Tim was late. – Was Tim late?

Kate and Paul were at the cinema. – Were Kate and Paul at the cinema?


As you can see, it’s easy peasy leamon squeezy!

Try the quiz below and check if you understand the rules.

For more practice check my next post.

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Was and Were Negative and Questions

Change the sentences according to the instructions.

1 / 10

Category: Beginner

Monica was worried about you. (-)

2 / 10

Category: Beginner

The address was wrong. (?)

3 / 10

Category: Beginner

Everyone was present. (?)

4 / 10

Category: Beginner

Their parents were quite talkative. (-)

5 / 10

Category: Beginner

His shirt was dirty. (-)

6 / 10

Category: Beginner

Her pancakes were delicious. (-)

7 / 10

Category: Beginner

The firemen were very brave. (?)

8 / 10

Category: Beginner

Fiona was rude to her friends. (-)

9 / 10

Category: Beginner

The final exam was difficult. (?)

10 / 10

Category: Beginner

Those trousers were too short. (?)

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