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Past Simple Was and Were 2

In this part of the Was and Were post I want you to pay attention to a subject or a person in a sentence.


Instead of WE, we can use Mike and I. → Mike and I were on a date yesterday.

(NOT: Mike and I was…)

Instead of THEY, we can use He and Bob. → He and Bob were at the football match on last Sunday.

(NOT: He and Bob was…)

Instead of IT, we can use Our dog. → Our dog was noisy during our last walk.

(NOT: Our dog were…)


Keep in mind the rules and do the online quiz below.


To learn more about was and were see my next post.


You've got only 2 minutes to finish the test. Hurry up!

Try again, don't give up! Next time will be better!

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Past Simple Was and Were 2

Complete the sentences with was or were.

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Category: Beginner

His aunt __________ in Bulgaria last holidays.

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Category: Beginner

Our house __________ built in 1727.

3 / 10

Category: Beginner

There __________ many people at the concert.

4 / 10

Category: Beginner

Their children __________ at the amusement park in France.

5 / 10

Category: Beginner

You and I __________ well prepared for the exam.

6 / 10

Category: Beginner

Who __________ with you at the party?

7 / 10

Category: Beginner

Your cat __________ naughty all night.


8 / 10

Category: Beginner

Their child __________ ill last week.

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Category: Beginner

Oleg and Jane __________ in the mountains last weekend.

10 / 10

Category: Beginner

His daughters __________ good at mathematics.

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