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Past Simple Regular and Irregular Verbs

Time for some mixture of the past simple verbs.

Let’s check if you remember the rules of adding the -ed ending and if you already know the irregular verbs.

Read the sentences carefully and decide if the verbs are regular or irregular. Then write their past forms.

Do the online quiz and check if you are ready for the next step!


Best of luck to you!


You've got only 3 minutes to finish the test. Hurry up!

Try again, don't give up! Next time will be better!

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Past Simple Regular and Irregular verbs

Write the verbs in brackets in the correct past forms. Decide which verbs are regular and which ones are irregular.

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Susanah _________(get) great presents for her last birthday.

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Victor _________ (do) his last homework very well.

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Johnny _________ (buy) new toys for his cat.

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Our mum _________ (fry) pancakes for breakfast.

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Alex _________ (decide) to learn Spanish language.

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Leon's child _________ (cry) all night.

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Adam __________(write) a long essay yesterday.

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Justine __________ (speak) English to a foreigner on her holidays.

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Kate _________ (hug) her parents.

10 / 10

Somebody _________ (rob) the shop next to us.

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