Questions and Positive Sentences.

Do this online exercise if you want to check whether you remember about all the rules in the positive sentences.

Remember that the positive sentences sometimes need the -s ending, do you remember when?

Remember about DO and DOES, do you need them in positive sentences?

Practise the Present Simple positive sentences and check how good you are at this.

!!!Start each sentence with a capital letter and remember about the dot at the end of each sentence.

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Present Simple - Questions into Postive

Change the questions into the positives sentences.

!!!Remember about the rules when it comes to HE, SHE, IT.

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Do they always invite many guests to their parties?

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Does Gary wash his car too often?

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Does Paul often try new sports?

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Do her children make their beds every day?

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Does Amanda mind taking the dishes out of the dishwasher?

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Do they need our support?

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Does Barbara often wait for her husband?

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Does your brother-in-law repair cars?

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Do you feel like drinking some hot chocolate?

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Does their father hate waiting?

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