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Present Simple negative

Are you ready for something a little bit more difficult?

You know when you should use don’t and doesn’t in the Present Simple negative sentences.

DON’T for negative sentences with I, you, we, they and DOES’T for he, she, it.

Read the sentences and decide how to make a correct negative sentence in Present Simple using don’t or doesn’t.

Remember that when you use doesn’t in negative sentences, the -s ending disappears.


You've got 5 minutes to finish the test. Hurry up!

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Present Simple - negative

Change the verbs into negative form. See an example:

Bob believes in ghosts. → doesn't believe

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Frank enjoys taking pictures of old buildings.

2 / 10

Adam and Katie ride a bike every morning.

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I want to live in a bigger city.

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The plane arrives in 20 minutes.

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Their father comes back home very late.

6 / 10

Philip begins his English lessons at 6 p.m.

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Mice eat cats.

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Our child spends a lot of time playing computer games.

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Sam minds taking care of her little sister.

10 / 10

This soup smells wonderful.

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