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Do you know the difference between DON’T (do not) and DOESN’T (does not)?

Both auxilary verbs are used to make negative sentences in the Present Simple Tense.

The third person singular (he, she, it) takes doesn’t but I, you, we and they take don’t.


We don’t use our moblies all the time.


She doesn’t use her mobile all the time.


Try this online exercise and see if you are good at this part of the Present Simple Tense.


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Present Simple - don't, doesn't

Choose the correct negative forms for the following sentences.

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Henry __________ (not speak) any foreign language.

2 / 10

Her parents __________ (not watch) movies in the evenings.

3 / 10

Lisa and me __________ (not keep) any animals in our house.

4 / 10

This dish __________ (not taste) delicious.

5 / 10

Fabian __________ (not do) shopping every day.

6 / 10

His friends __________ (not visit) him every day.

7 / 10

It __________ (not rain) a lot in summer.

8 / 10

I __________ (not get up) early at the weekends.

9 / 10

Our house __________ (not need) any renovation.

10 / 10

This theatre __________ (not open) in the morning.

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