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Can you understand these sentences with TURN?

Do you remember the meanings of the phrasal verbs?

Do this exercise and check your knowledge.

Turn in, turn into, turn back, turn out, turn over, turn against.


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Phrasal verbs - TURN 6

Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the phrasal verbs with TURN. (In case of any doubts, see the previous exercises - Phrasal verbs - TURN 4 and Phrasal verbs  - TURN 5)

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Category: Intermediate

Not to get lost we should ________ the same way we've got here.

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Category: Intermediate

This local company ________ about 300 hundred dumplings a day. That's not too many but their product is handmade.

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Category: Intermediate

He didn't accept anyone's help and finally all his friends ________ him. He's quite lonely now.

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Category: Intermediate

How about ________ our garage ________ an additional room? Children would be happy to have more space to play.

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Category: Intermediate

I'm worn out to read these materials today. I'll ________ now and get back to it tomorrow morning.

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Category: Intermediate

It says here we should ________the mattress every three months. Rotating it regularly prevents the mattress from damage.

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