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Phrasal verbs – TURN 3

by Sabina

Try phrasal verbs in sentences again.

This exercise will help you revise and drill common phrasal verbs.

Check if you remember the meaning of phrasal verbs with turn.

Turn to, turn down, turn off, turn up, turn around, turn on.


You've got 3 minutes to finish the test.

Try again!

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Phrasal verbs - TURN 3

Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the phrasal verbs with TURN. (In case of any doubts, see the previous exercises - Phrasal verbs - TURN and Phrasal verbs  - TURN 2)

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Category: Intermediate

Do not ________________ the heating. I'm freezing!

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Category: Intermediate

Remember, Dad and I are the people you can always ________________. We'll always support you.

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Category: Intermediate

I wonder why Mike didn't ________________ at the meeting. He can't have forgotten about such an important thing.

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Category: Intermediate

I ________________ every time I try to read these documents. I just can't focus on it.

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Category: Intermediate

How could you ________________ their invitation?! I'd give the world to take part in such an event.

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Category: Intermediate

When he saw me he immediately started shouting and ________________ me. I tried to explain he was wrong but he didn't even want to listen to me.

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Category: Intermediate

Neither his family nor his friend understand why he has ________________ crime. He used to be such a kind boy.

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Category: Intermediate

The new manager's ideas have ________________ the company ________________. It doesn't make a loss any more.

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