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Phrasal verbs – TURN 2

by Sabina

Try phrasal verbs in sentences.

This exercise will help you to revise and drill common phrasal verbs.

Check if you remember the meaning of phrasal verbs with turn.


You've got 4 minutes to finish the test. Don't waste your time!

Don't give up and try again!

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Phrasal verbs - TURN 2

Choose the suitable phrasal verbs from the list to replace the words in bold.

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Category: Intermediate

When it comes to money, my children ususally ask me for help.

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Category: Intermediate

I can't hear my own thoughts, could you lower this music down?

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Category: Intermediate

Our history lessons are quite dull. When the teacher starts talking, we all stop listening.

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Category: Intermediate

Whatever I do or say, she attacks me. She is never on my site.

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Category: Intermediate

If I were you, I wouldn't reject such a profitable job offer.

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Category: Intermediate

Kira is never on time. She always arrives late.

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Category: Intermediate

After changing my mindset, all my life changed for better.

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Category: Intermediate

Philip couldn't see any way out of that situation, so he started drinking and taking drugs.

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